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5th October 2020


The 2020 cricketing summer draws to a close

A week on from the end of the cricket season (a season that admittedly was only 10 weeks long) and the strangeness that is 2020 shows no signs of abating. I have had my first weekend free of cricket for a few months (it was nice). Donald Trump is currently hospitalised, storm Alex is battering Europe, and a number of countries including ours have just reported their highest ever daily recorded Coronavirus cases. All in, a bizarre year where we were probably extremely lucky to get any cricket played at all.

There are so many thanks that need to be made, I will definitely miss some and so I apologise in advance for that. I’m sure a lot of people aren’t impressed with the Government right now, but we should thank them and also the ECB for us being allowed to play a form of cricket. The GMCL did a fantastic job, not least in the setup of the shortened season and new divisional structures, but also in their management of positive Coronavirus tests and the cancellation / postponement of fixtures. To all umpires who stood in matches, each player owes a debt of gratitude – a lot of umpires are potentially more vulnerable to Covid-19 than players are, and without them games couldn’t have gone ahead.

To our volunteers here at Thornham, you should all be so proud of yourselves. There are far too many of you to name individually so I’m not even going to try. Back in the early days of the national lockdown we had online monthly quizzes, which was so useful not only to provide some entertainment, but also to keep Thornham at the forefront of people’s minds. The Covid sub-Committee, hastily formed and rarely thanked or appreciated kept on top of pages and pages of ever changing guidance to ensure we could operate. Our ground volunteer team expanded, ensuring that when cricket got up and running the ground looked fantastic. For our bar volunteers, all of you, potentially putting yourselves at risk unnecessarily, we wouldn’t have been able to open without you. And for all of our Committee, this year more than ever, a huge thank you.

Our players and members too, deserve credit. At the start of the year when there was so much uncertainty around we put out a plea for people to pay their social membership. In difficult times I was amazed at the response – from not only players old and new but current members, ex-members and plenty of new social members too. The response was so impressive in fact that our revenue from subscriptions this year has surpassed that of last year – despite the fact that players were only asked to pay social membership this year. New and old members – you have all helped to ensure the Club you love remains in good financial health. And for the players, having to deal with no teas, shorter matches, even more rules and regulations – overall, you have done yourselves and the Club proud. Finally a thank you as well to the Captains – every year a Captain has a difficult job, and this year was even more onerous. Congratulations must go to the First XI, champions of their division.

Looking forwards, improvements have already begun for next season – the net run ups are being extended, a new storage garage will soon be underway and the nets themselves will be refurbished. The prospect of an AGM like we usually have is unlikely given the current restrictions, so we will be in touch with all members to communicate the plan. A decision will soon be taken on winter quizzes and opening times, and we will continue to be as flexible as we can based on all the various regulations we have to adhere to. Most of all, the Club wishes all its members all the best – winter well, stay safe and we will see you in 2021 if not before.

Andrew Micklethwaite
Thornham CC

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