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21 October 2020


A cricket captain, according to former England and Yorkshire skipper Ray Illingworth “needs the patience of a saint, the diplomacy of an ambassador, the compassion of a social worker, and the skin of a rhino.”

Does that sound like you? Then put your name forward!

The Committee is currently taking applications for the position of Captain in all our teams for 2021 – that is First XI, Second XI and Third XI. Duties include, but are not limited to:

 Team selection
 Match management
 Training oversight
 Team administration
 Player management
 Leadership

All serious applications will be considered. The role of captain within any team has its difficulties, but can be extremely rewarding. The pride when you see your teammates improve their game and know that you have had a hand in their development. The sense of accomplishment you feel when your decisions change the game is difficult to describe, and when your team wins there surely can be no better feeling. People look up to you; the position brings respect but with that also comes responsibility. Don’t take it lightly!

Please contact the Chairman before the 4th of November to register your interest. Further discussions will then follow.

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