Thornham Cricket Club run a lucky 60 club draw which is drawn every month before the quiz. With two prizes of £50 and £25 they could be yours for only £4.50 per month. If a monthly draw isn't good enough for you then we also have a big summer draw with the main prize £100. To sign up please use the contact form on the contact us page. 

Click on the contact us page to join. 


1st Prize £50
2nd Prize £25
1. January
Jim Clarke
John Ingham
10. October
Gordon Tilstone
Jean Stanley
11. November
Danny Maurice-Scott
Barbara Crook
2. February
Sue Higgins
Carol Howarth
3. March
John Evans
Jean Stanley
4. April
John Ingham
Gail Robertson
5. May
Tim Walsh
Cath Sloan
6. June
Mike Hamilton
Chloe Livesey
8. August
Mike Hamilton
Margaret Daly
9. September
Jeanette Farrugia
Steve Grey

Summer Draw Winners July 2020

1st Prize £200 Alan Woodcock
2nd Prize £100 Ian and Carol Howarth
3rd Prize £50  Joe Pattison