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Christmas Quiz

1st December 2020

Christmas Quiz

As we head into the festive period, we still can’t all get together with friends and loved ones as we would wish. So here’s a little something to pass the time.

This year, we are doing a quiz to raise some money for SPRINGHILL HOSPICE. Please support this wonderful charity. Take a look at the work that Hospice

To help us do so, please complete the quiz by the 15th December
Completed quizzes can be returned via e-mail to
or by posting your answers in an envelope to 843 Rochdale Road, Slattocks, Mcr, M24 2RA
Please feel free to simply write your answers on paper/email – you do not have to print this to be entered, indeed there is no need to print anything at all!

Each entry costs £5
30 % of all proceeds will go directly to Springhill Hospice and 20 % will go to the top performers in the quiz
(prizes are in the form of vouchers and will be drawn at random, so no point getting Google to help! 😉)

Every paid entry returned to us will get a voucher for £5 to spend at the bar at Thornham CC, valid until the end of September 2021.
You can either include your £5 payment with your postal entry or pay by bank transfer to AJ MICKLETHWAITE 01-05-63 41281381
If paying by bank transfer, please remember to add your name or we won’t know it is you!

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