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26 October 2020


I hope everyone is enjoying Autumn – no cricket, no socialising, no trips to the pub and not much in the way of holidays either. What’s not to love?

As I’m sure you will all be aware, we are now in Tier 3 restrictions, which means the Club is currently shut. This means we won’t be able to hold much if anything in the way of functions – the annual end of season presentation will not be going ahead, nor is it likely that there will be a Christmas dinner either. I would be amazed as well if the Christmas Fair goes ahead – we will confirm but it is highly unlikely.

It has also been decided that there will not be a bonfire at TCC this year either. This is of course disappointing, but there is just no way it would be possible to do safely – any attempt would be a logistical nightmare and we certainly wouldn’t be able to adhere to the proper and relevant restrictions – in fact I doubt anywhere will be having much in the way of a properly organised bonfire night this year.

Unfortunately being shut means we cannot have our monthly winter quizzes either, or at least not in their usual format. Watch this space for more on that.

More details about the AGM will come out in November, but at the moment it looks highly unlikely that a face to face / in person AGM will be possible. Given that constitutions of clubs are not really designed for pandemics, we hope that our members understand this, and the plan is as follows.

Audited financial reports will be made available, season summaries and elected officials’ remarks will be circulated and the Committee will be reappointed where they wish to stand again on an acting basis. Committee will use the power to co-opt new members where and if necessary; we assure you that everything will be properly documented and all relevant procedures followed. Any member wishing to discuss any aspect of this can feel free to contact me directly and raise their concerns before the November Committee meeting which is currently scheduled for Nov 11th.

In slightly more positive news, winter nets are provisionally booked. Obviously there is a long way to go yet and who knows what will happen in the meantime – but as it stands we can look forward to our first winter net on Monday 8th February 2021.

For now, look after yourselves, don’t forget to change the clocks if you still have manual ones, and keep an eye on the Thornham website for all our updates.


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