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30th June 2020


As promised, the Club is delighted to announce it can open socially this weekend.

There are several Government imposed restrictions to be taken into consideration - please see below for details.

 We will be open on Saturday 4th July - 5.30pm to 11pm
 You will have to book. No booking = no entry. Details of the booking system will be released later today.
 Bookings will be taken for groups of up to 6 at a time, however you cannot book for more than 2 households / support bubbles at a time.
 Entry will be for fully paid up members only. Non-members will not be allowed. This means that every person in your booking must be a member. If you are not currently a member, you still have time to pay your subs.
 Entry will be restricted to over-18s only at this current time.
 No cash will be accepted - contactless or card payments only.
 Names and contact details will be collected upon arrival.
 Social distancing and Government guidelines must still be adhered to.
 While hand sanitiser will be provided, bringing your own hand sanitiser for use at your table is actively encouraged.
 No ordering in of food will be allowed, so please ensure you eat first.

Please note that this is all new to us, and we remain volunteers. Initially there may be limited stocks of certain items, and we realise that the circumstances are far from ideal. Everything will be kept under review, and we will learn from any mistakes we make. The guidelines are designed to keep everybody safe, and that is our number one priority. The limitations we set out above are all derived from Government guidelines - if you have any query / issue please speak directly to the Chairman.

Hope to see those bookings flying in when we get up and running and then see you enjoying a responsible drink or two on Saturday!

PS - Whilst we aren’t taking cash payments, if you wanted to bring a bit of cash to leave as a tip for your volunteers that would be very much appreciated!

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