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10th May 2020


Dear all,

As promised, here is a more detailed update regarding the current global pandemic and how it is affecting Thornham CC, and the decisions the Committee have taken in order to best protect the future of our Club. I will detail these in bullet point form below in order to keep it as brief as possible whilst remaining clear and informative. Any member with any questions at all, whether related to the points below or separate, please feel free to contact me directly.

Andrew Micklethwaite
Thornham CC

➢ The Club is now closed to all social functions, Club or private with immediate effect. The Club is also now closed to members as per recent guidance. This position will be reviewed at the end of April.

➢ All Club related cricket arrangements are on hold indefinitely. This includes but is not limited to matches, friendlies, indoor and outdoor practice and all junior cricket. When we know more from the GMCL regarding cricket in 2020, our members will be informed immediately.

➢ Cricket Force weekend is suspended until further notice.The Club will undertake to ensure that the ground and surrounding land is still maintained to a high standard.

➢ The Club will be undertaking an analysis of the potential impact on its finances of this situation and will actively monitor updates for any financial assistance which may be available.

➢ Playing membership will be withdrawn for the 2020 season. The Club does however actively encourage ALLmembers to show their support during this difficult time and take up the Club’s social membership (£17 per year). This will help to support us during this time. More details regarding this request will be forthcoming.

➢ Overseas players will not be recruited for 2020, given the absence of competitive cricket

➢ Handbooks will still be being produced for the membership, however they will of course be condensed, given the uncertainty around cricket fixtures.

➢ All official communications from the Club will come through the Chairman. The Committee will remain in constant contact during these difficult times, and updates will be provided when arrangements change, or new guidance is received.

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