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The Century Club!

24th Nov 2023

The Century Club!

The 60 Club becomes… The Century Club!

Some of you may know that our 60 Club has been running for many years, working as both a cash prize draw for participants and a revenue stream for the Club. But from the start of 2024, things will be slightly different. Coming to the crease is… The Century Club!

It’s based on the same principle: there will be 12 monthly draws in the year, with two of those draws offering significantly higher winnings. For just £4.50 a month – working out at only slightly more than £1 per week – you can be in with a chance of winning one of a hat-trick of prizes (either £10, £25 or £50) every month, and up to £200 in our bi-annual big cash draws.

There are now 40 new numbers available for players, members, family and friends to snap up and be involved. The best part is that the more people we add to The Century Club, the higher the prize winnings will get! So as well as taking a number for yourself, push the boundaries and let others know they can take part too.

To become a member, you can either set up a monthly direct debit to Thornham Cricket Club or pay a year's subscription upfront (£50). Proceeds not used as prize money are invested back into the Club to ensure it remains a successful, safe and welcoming place to be.

Anyone who would like to get involved should contact Ian Heywood (07811 244748), Marie Micklethwaite (07505 103387) or Erin Rudkin (07956 022651). We’ll allocate you a number (if you want to choose a favourite number between 61 and 100 you can do so - but it is first come first served before we run-out!) and the Club will contact you directly if your number wins in any of the draws.

Do not duck out of this fantastic opportunity - thank you and good luck!

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